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«Μεσσηνία», “Messinia”, the land of legends and traditions, contrasts and challenges, stands proud, in all the beauty and wealth it has been endowed with, patiently awaiting the next visitor who will explore it, enjoy it and discover it.

The wealth of its natural resources, the spotless clean beaches, the grandeur of Mount Taygetus with all its peaks, invading… the Messinian Bay as a another conqueror, captivate the eager eye and free thought of visitors. At a distance of 40 kilometres from Kalamata and 260 kilometres from Athens, at the traditional and developing village of Chranoi, we built with a lot of warmth and care a unit of 13 modern, furnished apartments that we call Theoxenia.

The combination of sea, mountain and the excellent climate, makes Chrani one of the top travel destinations in Messinia. Theoxenia Hotel Apartments owes its name to the “Theoxenia”, the celebrations of antiquity in honour of gods Apollo and Hermes.

This inspired us to place all our care and professionalism in creating a pleasant and happy environment, aspiring to make every day a visitor spends with us a celebration.

Theoxenia Hotel Apartments is built at less than a breath away from the sea, at a distance of approximately 50m from the coast. Walking down the stairs from the hotel all you have to do is to enjoy moments of tranquillity and relaxation, on the perfectly clean beaches of the Messinian Bay. Visitors may enjoy their coffee or a cool aperitif, swim and participate in a variety of games and activities on organised or free-access beaches.

Being in the heart of Chranoi, Theoxenia Hotel Apartments is surrounded by restaurants and fish taverns offering visitors a variety of tastes and dishes. Travellers will also find super markets to cover their first needs, car rental agencies and regular public transportation (every two hours).

Banks (5km) and a chemist’s-medical cabinet (3km) are available at a short distance from the hotel.

The unobstructed view and the sea breeze will have a positive influence on the soul of visitors, enchant them and chase away any escape tendency….

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