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Koroni is a picturesque town built amphitheatrically on a low hill, the top of which is occupied by an imposing Venetian fortress and the famous monastery of Zoodochos Pigi (Life-Giving Source).

Take a romantic walk along the stone paved streets of the castle, visit the churches and the many shops selling local products or stop for a rich meal at one of the traditional fish taverns.

Finikounda is one of the prettiest villages in Messinia, with endless sandy beaches, alpine villages built within dense vegetation. It is the picturesque village like Chrani from the port which you can start excursions to the islands of Schiza, Venice and Sapienza.

The flow of tourists in the area has been increased recently. In Finikounda, you will find beautiful shops with local products.

Methoni is known since the ancient time for its Venetian seaside castle and the magnificent donjon that attracts hundreds of tourists every year.

It also has numerous traditional taverns next to the castle and the beach where you can enjoy traditional recipes along with a great view.

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